Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Winter in Manila

Around this time of year in California, I start to knit because it's nearing the holidays and I love/miss the cold weather in my small hometown in the central valley.  My A/C recently broke and a friend's dad came over to fix it for me.  I started to snap pics of my finished circle scarf and just randomly put my knit wear on, because A) I had to entertain myself somehow and B) I'm a huge dork.  The weather today is slightly cold and I really love the sea foam hues in my house.  I think the muted sunshine near the tree by my condominium is responsible for this.  Another random note, did you know that your A/C unit is probably FUCKING filthy?  Reminder to clean your filter.  I always forget because I don't have the luxury of a *yaya*/maid because I think it's so weird to have someone wait on you.

**Yaya is the Filipino version of a maid, but in my observation, they look like they stick around for a long time and become a second mother to some people.  They also happen to clean, cook and wash your stuff for you too. Who knew?< (Filipinos know Jason, Shit!)

Knit heart by one of my Favorite Etsy Stores YesJess  I think she still does custom work so hit her up if you want well made and beautiful knits :)

Circle Scarf and Dress by Me // Cardigan-GAP

I love how versatile circle scarfs can be.  I chose this beige yarn my parents sent me because I can't find decent yarn here.  If any of you guys know, hit this girl up!  Since I'm no Coco Rocha or Hyoni Kang, I used my dress form instead.  I can imagine a young, hipster girl wearing this outfit to an outdoor concert at Golden Gate park, or a date with the boy who works at the record store.

I love how chunky this is.  I feel so safe and if I ever suffer from whiplash while driving, At least I know I already have a neck brace handy.  Looking at this makes me want noodles.....or natto beans

If you want/or are just clinically simple, you can pretend to be a kangaroo and put stuff in the little pouch/sling it makes if you wear the scarf long. Kidding.  I really want to shoot this on a live model.  I'm thinking of an Asian Zooey Deschanel.

Meoki told me that I had to put my face on posts more often instead of food hahahaha.  So here you go.
I want to wear this to school, but I'm too pragmatic and haggard prone to actually pull through.  But I can just pretend at my almost Air Conditioned home right?

Any questions, comments, things you want to see or know?  Feel free and leave a comment down below and I'll do my absolute best to get back to you!


  1. I love the photos omfg girl!!! <333 Hey btw I'll be in Taft tomorrow. Will bring my laptop haha let's fix our blogssss!

    1. Thanks girl <3 I'm so excited! I feel so motivated now :))))