Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Grey Sky

I'm not usually a drapy kind of designer. I just wanted to exercise a skill I had little experience with.  I'm pretty proud of what I've made.  I posted a quick picture on my Facebook and the consensus was clear.  People favor easy gowns that are classic and simple.  I took inspiration from a famous designer known as Madame Gres.  She was a PHENOMENAL  designer and her signature was ornate, draped, Grecian gowns.  I have a long way to go to be a proficient draper but I gave it my best shot.  Sorry for the late post. I usually take pictures as soon as I'm done with my work, but the sun wasn't cooperating for days because of a recent typhoon.  So it's been rainy and cloudy.  I HATE unnatural lighting in pictures and I wasn't going to force decent pictures to come out of fluorescent lighting.

I chose a dark grey jersey.  It looks light in pictures for some reason.  I did no pattern drafting for this.  I just marked my design on the mannequin with neon yarn and just pinned and hand sewed the pieces together.  This took FOREVER.  I made myself a playlist to pass the time.  

The back piece is detachable.  If the wearer wants to be more femme fatale, I guess she(or he) could take it out and show off their back.  My dream model would be a tall, slender Asian girl with long black and wavy hair, pale skin and just the right amount of shoulder bone protruding out.

I like the gathers at the waist line.  Really difficult to do by hand!  I love to watch my electric fan blow into it and watch the fabric wildly billow.  I would LOVE to pair this with a white mink stole, strappy stilettos, nude lip and strong brows.  

My mannequin clearly lacks the derriere to fill this out.

My mannequin clearly needs to eat more.

I had long strips left and made a bow for fun.  I just pinned it on to see what it looked like. It's ok.  

I love the lighting during cloudy days sometimes.  They produce the right ethereal mood you can't get with bright lights sometimes.

Any questions, comments or inquiries? Feel free to leave a comment or contact me :)  I'd love to hear from you!

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