Wednesday, March 4, 2015


 This is a prototype for one the looks for the gradshow.  This was the process I did and i'm not yet satisfied with the result.  I might teak the print and make it bigger and use a different color

Wednesday, February 4, 2015


Margot Tenenbaum is one of my go to muses when I design.  She's a character from one of my favorite Wes Anderson films called "The Royal Tenenbaums"  I highly suggest watching it because the set production and details are superb.   

Her overall look is what I like to think of as Edgy Retro.  Her clean, yet thick eyeliner, blunt bob, fur, plastic hair clip and Birkin make her super unique and chic. 

I'm introducing her because she's going to be my dream client and inspiration for my Senior Fashion Show.  I'm just thinking of where she can wear my designs and what occasion.  I chose her as a muse because she was this mystery that intrigues me.  She does not succumb to traditional female roles and follows her rules.