Sunday, September 30, 2012

Korean Food

I always try to frequent this restaurant once a week.  It's one of my favorites near school because this place offers more than fried chicken, McDonald's fries and douches playing beer pong during the day.  It's pretty quiet and cozy, Although, I wish the tables were different because I hate sitting with strangers/sitting near them.  The restaurant is called Korean Fellow Feeling.  The name makes absolutely no sense.  It's one of my favorite places to spend time with friends when we just want something simple and wholesome to eat. Btw this isn't sponsored or anything like that.  I just love food and I really felt like this place is special enough for me to share with you guys!

 Every time I wait for my order, I love to analyze the meaning deeply.  Perhaps it's about feeling the   camaraderie with fellow diners as we partake in Korean food.  The Tiger with a chef hat is nice touch too!  Nothing is more comforting than a Tiger capable of holding utensils and no eyelids.
 I love practicing my Hangul here.  If you can read/understand some Korean it's fun to practice here.  Sprite on the menu is written as "sa-i-da" Or cider.  I thought they sold Chillsung cider/칠숭사이다 here and I got kinda disappointed.  ㅠㅡㅠ
 The stuff my dreams and blog are made of...KIMCHI!  Their kimchi is handmade and you can order a head of kimchi on their menu for take out :D  You can almost taste the Ahjumma's blood, sweat and tears in every fermented morsel.
 I always default to Bibimbap whenever I go here.  It's so filling and waaaay better than the other bibimbap  that whack joints nearby try to sell.  The veggies are super fresh and they're not stingy at all!  I wish they added a hot stone bowl/Dolsot/돌솥 and Gosari/고사리/I have no Idea what it is in english Google it maybe?

Bibimbap means Mixed rice, literally!  
They have this wall on the 2nd floor where you can write on it :)  I wish people had more interesting/clever stuff to write on the walls.  But I still laughed hahaha. If you look closely, You can see Darren and Ally's writing on the wall.  I think CL is a lost relative of Darren and Ally clearly loves Park Bom haha.The guy in the middle is holding do you say it politely?....something ...dick shaped.  Well, this is my favorite place to eat at and I can't wait to greet the Ahjumma.  If she likes you, she might give you free ice cream!  If not, it's because you were being a 새끼

Fellow Feeling is located by the Ministop next to the SDA building.  Got any questions or comments?  Feel free to leave some, I'd love to hear from you, unless you're Mitt Romney.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Made by hand

I love making things by hand.  My philosophy is, If I can make it, I don't buy it.  So Vodka, Macarons and yarn all have to be store bought for me.  You also save so much more money if you make yourself a knitted hat, rather than buying one at H&M/Forever21.  They over price their sweat shop labor goods.
Here are some projects that I recently finished. :)

My friend recently gave birth and I haven't had the time to give her the baby hat I made for her baby boy :)  It's the black one with the red pom-pom on it.  I also made and hand stuffed a whale from fabric scraps I took with me from San Francisco.  The orange hat is for me.  I hate hats that are thin and sewn together from knit fabric.  So cheap and flimsy, YUCK!

I hope her baby doesn't grow up too fast!  I love the pattern the yarn makes.  It's so fun and if you squint, you can pretend that the specks of color are racing to get to the top.  Who will win?!

It can be worn slouchy or you can turn the brim up if you're more pragmatic.  I can't wait to wear this when I go back home for Christmas :)  The yarn is an Alpaca wool and it's super soft and not scratchy.  If you could knit kittens, this is what it would feel like. (Don't knit kittens, that's gross)

I made this lumpy stuffed whale from a template I saw online.  I thought it was cute and gave it it a try. Well, her pattern was meh so I just added button eyes because it looked more sad hahahaha.  I'm looking for a small horn so I can make a Narwhal.  I remember dying this fabric a looong time ago.  It was an organic, woven bamboo and it was a really hideous Ecru color.  I decided to hand dye it a dark navy and I made a shirt out of it for a friend's birthday present a couple of years ago.  Wow time flies.  Now the scraps have become a Whale.  I love the little imperfections.  It means I have a long way to go and that I would have failed if I took Marine Biology.  I apologize to all marine biologist and whale enthusiasts for my gross interpretation of sea life.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Grey Sky

I'm not usually a drapy kind of designer. I just wanted to exercise a skill I had little experience with.  I'm pretty proud of what I've made.  I posted a quick picture on my Facebook and the consensus was clear.  People favor easy gowns that are classic and simple.  I took inspiration from a famous designer known as Madame Gres.  She was a PHENOMENAL  designer and her signature was ornate, draped, Grecian gowns.  I have a long way to go to be a proficient draper but I gave it my best shot.  Sorry for the late post. I usually take pictures as soon as I'm done with my work, but the sun wasn't cooperating for days because of a recent typhoon.  So it's been rainy and cloudy.  I HATE unnatural lighting in pictures and I wasn't going to force decent pictures to come out of fluorescent lighting.

I chose a dark grey jersey.  It looks light in pictures for some reason.  I did no pattern drafting for this.  I just marked my design on the mannequin with neon yarn and just pinned and hand sewed the pieces together.  This took FOREVER.  I made myself a playlist to pass the time.  

The back piece is detachable.  If the wearer wants to be more femme fatale, I guess she(or he) could take it out and show off their back.  My dream model would be a tall, slender Asian girl with long black and wavy hair, pale skin and just the right amount of shoulder bone protruding out.

I like the gathers at the waist line.  Really difficult to do by hand!  I love to watch my electric fan blow into it and watch the fabric wildly billow.  I would LOVE to pair this with a white mink stole, strappy stilettos, nude lip and strong brows.  

My mannequin clearly lacks the derriere to fill this out.

My mannequin clearly needs to eat more.

I had long strips left and made a bow for fun.  I just pinned it on to see what it looked like. It's ok.  

I love the lighting during cloudy days sometimes.  They produce the right ethereal mood you can't get with bright lights sometimes.

Any questions, comments or inquiries? Feel free to leave a comment or contact me :)  I'd love to hear from you!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Pumpkin Pasta

     I really had a craving for pasta and I didn't want anything too sharp and tangy. I suddenly remembered that I had a huge ass can of pumpkin puree and the rain/lighting was passive aggressively telling me to stay the fuck inside.  Lighting is such an asshat.  Anyway, I whipped up something I always default to when I want something fillin and healthy to eat in pasta form.  Pumpkin sauce is my favorite sauce to make and can be vegan if you wanted too.  Since I was confined in my condo, I just improvised and came up with this easy and delicious sauce.  Oh yeah, Chef Boyardee can suck it, he got NOTHIN' on mah sauce!

     Here are the basic Ingredients: BTW, I didn't bother to measure, I just pulled a Rachel Ray and haphazardly dumped things in to my taste and memory.  Technically, this isn't a recipe, it's my sad attempt at giving instruction, but hey, look at the pictures!  If you're hesitant about trying this, contact me if you are dying to know and I'll do my best and summon the power of the Gods and give you the measurements.  Than I'll judge you for not living life on the edge. Pussy

-Pasta Water
-Cheese (any hard cheese that can be grated )

The star of this attempt of a recipe.  Canned pumpkin.  You can use fresh, but this is WAY more convenient.

 I wish I had better access to fresh herbs, this will suffice I guess :/ 

          I only had red onions :(  White ones are better for this.  Also, garlic is pretty delicious and they are important in the recipe.  The canned Pumpkin has a sweetness to it and I think the Sage and Cheese help round it out.

          When the pasta is done cooking save some of the water for later.  Put the veggies and herbs in a pot with oil in it.  I used Sesame oil this time because I love the nutty flavor it adds to the Pumpkin. After they've sauteed for 10 minutes  on medium heat, add the pasta water pumpkin and milk.  Add the grated cheese of your choice after you simmered the sauce for 20 minutes on low, I used Parmesan. (I forgot to take pics :x)

The milk isn't nasty, it's a funny catch phrase from an Internet show.  I watch too much Simon and Martina.  If you get the picture,  We have to be friends!

Drain the bastards.  I love this pasta!  I always get so excited when I see this in my care package.  

Plate the pasta :o  So pretty!


Sprinkle some Basil on this to indicate that it's healthy and pretentious

Enjoy on a rainy day with a cup of iced green tea.
Tell me if you tried the recipe :)  

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Winter in Manila

Around this time of year in California, I start to knit because it's nearing the holidays and I love/miss the cold weather in my small hometown in the central valley.  My A/C recently broke and a friend's dad came over to fix it for me.  I started to snap pics of my finished circle scarf and just randomly put my knit wear on, because A) I had to entertain myself somehow and B) I'm a huge dork.  The weather today is slightly cold and I really love the sea foam hues in my house.  I think the muted sunshine near the tree by my condominium is responsible for this.  Another random note, did you know that your A/C unit is probably FUCKING filthy?  Reminder to clean your filter.  I always forget because I don't have the luxury of a *yaya*/maid because I think it's so weird to have someone wait on you.

**Yaya is the Filipino version of a maid, but in my observation, they look like they stick around for a long time and become a second mother to some people.  They also happen to clean, cook and wash your stuff for you too. Who knew?< (Filipinos know Jason, Shit!)

Knit heart by one of my Favorite Etsy Stores YesJess  I think she still does custom work so hit her up if you want well made and beautiful knits :)

Circle Scarf and Dress by Me // Cardigan-GAP

I love how versatile circle scarfs can be.  I chose this beige yarn my parents sent me because I can't find decent yarn here.  If any of you guys know, hit this girl up!  Since I'm no Coco Rocha or Hyoni Kang, I used my dress form instead.  I can imagine a young, hipster girl wearing this outfit to an outdoor concert at Golden Gate park, or a date with the boy who works at the record store.

I love how chunky this is.  I feel so safe and if I ever suffer from whiplash while driving, At least I know I already have a neck brace handy.  Looking at this makes me want noodles.....or natto beans

If you want/or are just clinically simple, you can pretend to be a kangaroo and put stuff in the little pouch/sling it makes if you wear the scarf long. Kidding.  I really want to shoot this on a live model.  I'm thinking of an Asian Zooey Deschanel.

Meoki told me that I had to put my face on posts more often instead of food hahahaha.  So here you go.
I want to wear this to school, but I'm too pragmatic and haggard prone to actually pull through.  But I can just pretend at my almost Air Conditioned home right?

Any questions, comments, things you want to see or know?  Feel free and leave a comment down below and I'll do my absolute best to get back to you!