Sunday, September 30, 2012

Korean Food

I always try to frequent this restaurant once a week.  It's one of my favorites near school because this place offers more than fried chicken, McDonald's fries and douches playing beer pong during the day.  It's pretty quiet and cozy, Although, I wish the tables were different because I hate sitting with strangers/sitting near them.  The restaurant is called Korean Fellow Feeling.  The name makes absolutely no sense.  It's one of my favorite places to spend time with friends when we just want something simple and wholesome to eat. Btw this isn't sponsored or anything like that.  I just love food and I really felt like this place is special enough for me to share with you guys!

 Every time I wait for my order, I love to analyze the meaning deeply.  Perhaps it's about feeling the   camaraderie with fellow diners as we partake in Korean food.  The Tiger with a chef hat is nice touch too!  Nothing is more comforting than a Tiger capable of holding utensils and no eyelids.
 I love practicing my Hangul here.  If you can read/understand some Korean it's fun to practice here.  Sprite on the menu is written as "sa-i-da" Or cider.  I thought they sold Chillsung cider/칠숭사이다 here and I got kinda disappointed.  ㅠㅡㅠ
 The stuff my dreams and blog are made of...KIMCHI!  Their kimchi is handmade and you can order a head of kimchi on their menu for take out :D  You can almost taste the Ahjumma's blood, sweat and tears in every fermented morsel.
 I always default to Bibimbap whenever I go here.  It's so filling and waaaay better than the other bibimbap  that whack joints nearby try to sell.  The veggies are super fresh and they're not stingy at all!  I wish they added a hot stone bowl/Dolsot/돌솥 and Gosari/고사리/I have no Idea what it is in english Google it maybe?

Bibimbap means Mixed rice, literally!  
They have this wall on the 2nd floor where you can write on it :)  I wish people had more interesting/clever stuff to write on the walls.  But I still laughed hahaha. If you look closely, You can see Darren and Ally's writing on the wall.  I think CL is a lost relative of Darren and Ally clearly loves Park Bom haha.The guy in the middle is holding do you say it politely?....something ...dick shaped.  Well, this is my favorite place to eat at and I can't wait to greet the Ahjumma.  If she likes you, she might give you free ice cream!  If not, it's because you were being a 새끼

Fellow Feeling is located by the Ministop next to the SDA building.  Got any questions or comments?  Feel free to leave some, I'd love to hear from you, unless you're Mitt Romney.


  1. I would totally write something on that wall!! Food looks tasty too :D
    And I believe you mean to say he's holding something Phallic.
    Phallic is the word you were looking for :p It's such a fun word. Phallic. Phallus. Penis.

  2. Phallic is the word! But dick is just...more magical for some reason. It can be an insult, object of desire or name!