Sunday, July 29, 2012

How to revamp a vintage dress

My first legit post in a while.  Last time I blogged was in the Xanga days.  *sigh to be 14 and retarded*
Some time ago I went Ukay shopping with friends and I snagged this for 30 php, less than a fucking American Dollar. $$$$$  I also made over my layout thanks to my best Asian Friend Meoki who also  encouraged me to blog and fixed my blog as well.  I even got to use my Margot Tenenbaum drawing :)*google her*

*Ukay is like thrift shopping in Filipino, similar to the Salvation Army/GoodWill*

This is a polyester dress and it's VERY matronly and senile.  Please excuse the clutter in the background and poor camera quality*

I decided to hack it apart and make it cuter :)


Topstitched the hem so it would lay flat.

Drafted Peter Pan collar.  I'm testing the fit of the collar.  It's too big for my liking.

Finished collar with lace embellishment

Didn't do much with it except shorten it and add a collar.  It made a huge difference though.
Anyone interested in modeling it for me?