Friday, September 7, 2012

Pumpkin Pasta

     I really had a craving for pasta and I didn't want anything too sharp and tangy. I suddenly remembered that I had a huge ass can of pumpkin puree and the rain/lighting was passive aggressively telling me to stay the fuck inside.  Lighting is such an asshat.  Anyway, I whipped up something I always default to when I want something fillin and healthy to eat in pasta form.  Pumpkin sauce is my favorite sauce to make and can be vegan if you wanted too.  Since I was confined in my condo, I just improvised and came up with this easy and delicious sauce.  Oh yeah, Chef Boyardee can suck it, he got NOTHIN' on mah sauce!

     Here are the basic Ingredients: BTW, I didn't bother to measure, I just pulled a Rachel Ray and haphazardly dumped things in to my taste and memory.  Technically, this isn't a recipe, it's my sad attempt at giving instruction, but hey, look at the pictures!  If you're hesitant about trying this, contact me if you are dying to know and I'll do my best and summon the power of the Gods and give you the measurements.  Than I'll judge you for not living life on the edge. Pussy

-Pasta Water
-Cheese (any hard cheese that can be grated )

The star of this attempt of a recipe.  Canned pumpkin.  You can use fresh, but this is WAY more convenient.

 I wish I had better access to fresh herbs, this will suffice I guess :/ 

          I only had red onions :(  White ones are better for this.  Also, garlic is pretty delicious and they are important in the recipe.  The canned Pumpkin has a sweetness to it and I think the Sage and Cheese help round it out.

          When the pasta is done cooking save some of the water for later.  Put the veggies and herbs in a pot with oil in it.  I used Sesame oil this time because I love the nutty flavor it adds to the Pumpkin. After they've sauteed for 10 minutes  on medium heat, add the pasta water pumpkin and milk.  Add the grated cheese of your choice after you simmered the sauce for 20 minutes on low, I used Parmesan. (I forgot to take pics :x)

The milk isn't nasty, it's a funny catch phrase from an Internet show.  I watch too much Simon and Martina.  If you get the picture,  We have to be friends!

Drain the bastards.  I love this pasta!  I always get so excited when I see this in my care package.  

Plate the pasta :o  So pretty!


Sprinkle some Basil on this to indicate that it's healthy and pretentious

Enjoy on a rainy day with a cup of iced green tea.
Tell me if you tried the recipe :)  


  1. i wanna try and make this! I looove the noodles<3 they remind me of a black girl hairdo~

    1. You should! The sauce is really filling and healthy for you! :) Thanks for reading -Jason