Friday, January 11, 2013

California Holiday

To start off, I would like to mention that It's been 2 years since I left home and moved to the Philippines to continue my education.  These two years have forced me to learn about myself, culture and how my parents act they way they do.  To be honest, the holidays here make me very homesick and and uninspired, so I asked my parents if I could fly back to California for my winter break.  They obliged and I was really ecstatic for my trip.  This meant hot cider, baking copious amounts of sweets, Cats, and my friends. I took a SHIT ton of pictures but I just want to share the best photos that really summed up my trip for me :) I just spent the time exploring my surroundings and being a tourist in my own town.  It's really fun and interesting to see your home with a fresh attitude.

I had a stop over in Beijing and let me tell you.....the surroundings were pretty bleak in the winter time, yikes!  If you HATE Christmas, I suggest going there during the holidays.  Facebook and other western social media is blocked so you can avoid all the annoying posts about Christmas, Jesus, Menorah's, Christmas party one night stands etc.  
The flight was AWFUL  I drank a lot of wine and passed out for a good 8 hours.  Chinese "wine" is reminiscent to perfume mixed with Windex.  It was snowing too.  The user woman looked at me and said " NO PICTURE AH!"  hahahaha I responded "what? okay whatever"  with a Kardashian loftiness in my voice.  

The airport was really nice and empty.  I took a nap on one of the empty seats.
The terminal I slept in.  These were all the people I saw.

My car going back home after I laded in San Francisco.  I'm a really bad driver.  I kept getting distracted by the dancing catbearkoala thing on the dashboard. 

She's the queen of the house.  I named her Mao.  I remember getting her from a friend's house because they had too many already.  I named her after Mao Zedong.  She slept on my bed during my entire stay.     She loved the little bench thing in my room and would just contemplate for hours when I would sew back in the day.

Man oh man was this GOOD!  I watched some t.v at my friend Rebecca's house.  After that, I grabbed some dinner and coffee with Brenda :)  I haven't had a legit burger in a while.  NOTHING in the Philippines/ Region of Asia can match how perfect this all was...I WANT MORE.

This is a pretentious/hipster angled picture of Brenda.  We caught up and talked about the sad life of College hahaha.  

She was so accommodating and baked our asses cookies. 
 I also went to Jennifer's annual chocolate fountain party and I was excited to see everyone from high school.  Unfortunately, her house had a black out and we moved it to another friend's house and she baked us cookies, ordered pizza, had some drinks and caught up.  Catherine and her smile hahaha she was always a rebel.
We did NOT drink that much, meaning the three of us didn't drink all that.  Besides, my friend had a deaf cat.  Deaf cats and drunks don't belong together.  I think we watched The Grinch and made fun of Taylor Momsen for the rest of the night.

I headed to Modesto to sleep over and just catch up with my other friends from my old high school.  I picked my friend up from her boyfriend's house and I realized how much I missed seeing quiet and empty streets. Anyway, I'm starting to sound like National Geographic documentary.

We went to her house to drop stuff off before we went to David's for some awesome Mexican food and friend time.  
Dani's cat :3  I think this one was Jack.  Man this cat is OLD!  I remember him when I was 14.  This cat is an O.G

Sorry if this post seems a bit fragmented.  I didn't take that many pictures because I was just having a good time and just focused on time with friends :)

New Years:)

Ugh....drunken Scrabble?  There were 3 bottles of wine and cider :)  When you play scrabble with my friends, there is no score keeping. Just meat and Jewish Prostitutes.  

  So "hardcore" of us, but this was pretty delicious :D.  AAAAAAAAND it's gluten free so Zooey Deschanel can hang at my place and play scrabble with us.

 My friends and I decided to light some sparklers since it was New years and I like to see things sparkle at night because I'm clinically simple. Excuse how GARGANTUAN my thighs look.  Also excuse the Palm Tree, we're Filipino and live in California.

Big Bang Fans should cue in.  If you got it you deserve a prize and perhaps some psychiatric evaluation.
This is my mom<3  She looked really grumpy because the news kept talking about how Miss Philippines lost the miss universe pageant and it was basically just putting salt in the wound.  She got mad I was snapping pictures of her hahahahahaha

The Secret Spot

I visited the secret spot I used to visit with my friends.  It's at the river/levee by my house. I like to go there when I want to think or just relax.

 The little bridge over the water where gang members like to meet up hahahaha how cliché.  I wish gangs were like the ones in Grease or west side story.  Gay Gangs seem more inviting and dangerous, much like Glee.

 I rode my Bike and felt so free and light, like I could fly, but not really because I don't smoke crack.

This was the secret spot :)  I remember having a jam session once with Kirstie and Becky.  Oh!  and Kirstie trying to break this floating beer bottle with rocks.

 I remember Kirstie telling me that snakes like to chill in areas with tall grass and other tall grassy things and panicked when I remembered.
 It's like the beach but not.  I forget people fish and camp here.  Too bad it was too cold to do it :(

THIS LITTLE FUCKER :3  He's my favorite stray out of all the strays that visit us.  We named him Wilson after the character from House M.D  This cat is like a pedicab driver.  He wanders place to place and scavenges, but this one is cuter and has clean hair and has the ability to read and write :)He came to visit me as well because my mom and dad told me he stopped visiting for two Months.  
Before I flew back to Manila, I had dinner at my house with friends and we watched random stuff and played around with chocolate :)

I had a stop over in Taiwan and realized how much the Taiwanese love pussy.

This the end of my post.  Pretty random, but I think her face smirking in satisfaction is how I felt about my vacation :)  I have some fashion and food related posts coming up ;)  Sorry for the delay.  I hope you guys had an awesome vacation:)

Monday, January 7, 2013


I just came back from my vacation in California and I'm suffering from jet lag and reality hahaha.  I'll slowly upload my adventures and hope you guys will forgive me for slacking :)

random thought, I still can't believe *** is Gossip Girl.  sorry if I spoiled it for anyone, i'm just getting over it.