Saturday, August 4, 2012

Filipino Martha Stewart

    Well I guess it's safe to say that I'm absolutely TERRIBLE when it comes to my Filipino class.  I remember a friend that use to study in the Philippines who is now in California told me she had a class that was like "Filipino Shakespeare" I can safely say that description she gave is pretty accurate.  I wish I had a more understanding/patient teacher but we can't get everything we want.  You can deduce that I absolutely ABHOR the class -_- I guess it's one of those little sacrifices you make when you decide to move a 2000 miles away from home to pursue a dream.

Enough about the serious stuff, on to my attempt at making this bag. We were assigned to create a statement bag using indigenous/Local materials.  Here are some pics of the process, not complex but think of it as Kindergarten, but with a glue gun.

Bayong(No idea what this is in English)
made of dried grass or leaves of some kind.  Asian Eco tote?
Warning, it CUTS your hand! wtf?!

Preliminary sketch of Imelda I wanted on the bag.  I didn't like this one a lot.  It looked like a drag queen of Liz Taylor.

Try #2 Ugh I'd love to go shopping with her.

I like this one better, not as draggy, but still mean looking.

I primed the bag with a primer so that the Gouache paint would stick.

I think she's absolutely divine.   I just hastily added purple chevron stripes.


  1. it's sooo pretty!What primer did you use? the brand i mean...

    1. Hi Elle ;)
      I used Gesso Primer. I got it at national bookstore for about 100+ php. I suggest using a small sponge to evenly coat the the primer. If you do try this, I suggest putting a fixative spray so it won't get scratched :) Thanks for reading.