Sunday, August 12, 2012

Knitta Please

    Back in California, especially in the colder times, I would KNIT my ass off for hours!  I really missed it since I moved to the Philippines, where good quality yarn is really hard to come by.  Another factor is the tropical climate.  I'm not really fond of the weather here.  Sometimes I think if I'm even Filipino, because I usually do not like beaches or going out in the heat.  You never look your best and the U.V rays just scream murder.  I'm just going to introduce a current project I'm trying to finish up :)
Juri and Wataru wearing my hand made circle scarf

    I'm making this scarf for myself because I get to go back home for Christmas! :)) I anticipate the cold weather with open arms!  My parents usually send me a care package every other month filled with supplies and they always send me yarn <3
I miss Knitting/Crochet circles

         I used the white crochet hook(11.50mm) on a standard skein of yarn.  Most people start/use the standard 6.50 mm needle, but I'm really impatient and don't mind a loose knit.

         I learned how to knit/crochet in my Textile Science instructor at FIDM and a friend back home helped me along the way too.  It's totally easy and relaxing!  I swear, the sense of creating something rather than buying something triple the price is so awesome.  Let's drink to that!
         I started with a chain stitch and just went of from there.  No pattern, just counting and eye balling. It feels so warm!  I can smell the cold California air now!  I can't wait to wear this to shows or drunken escapades in the city with my close friends <3

        Close up of the knit, Damn It makes me want to eat more Shin Ramyun ㅠ.ㅠ ugh with egg and Kimchi!

I'm about 50% done with the scarf :D  got any suggestions? requests? feel free to comment or stalk ;D and I'll get back to you guys.

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