Friday, October 5, 2012

Little Plaid Dress

When I used to live in a place with colder weather, my closet was FILLED with plaid.  I think I wore it everyday and it came to the point where the only thing missing was a full beard, an axe and a fetish for chopping down trees to make my log cabin.  Since lumberjacks consume massive amounts of smoked and cured meats, I was prepared for such situations. (As long as you took away the manual labor, I'm only it it for the bacon, axe and clothing.)  Back to the topic,  uh, plaid, yes plaid!  I think it's a very classic pattern and everyone should have at least one plaid shirt.  They're so warm and soft when they get worn in and they give/have so much character.  But this time, I'm talking to the ladies(or lady boys).  I love plaid, and I love baby doll dresses.  I've always been into 60's silhouettes and the 1995 movie Clueless.  Put the two together and you have a plaid, baby doll dress!  This dress isn't everyone's cup of tea, but I'm sure with some personal styling it could appeal to a wide audience.

I started by drafting a pattern from an existing garment and I altered it drastically by making the bodice shorter and eliminated the zipper.  I love these tools!  They make sewing and my life much easier.  The tracing wheel makes me think of a pizza cutter and I get so hungry for pizza when I draft patterns.  JESUS, WHAT I'D GIVE FOR A PIZZA RIGHT NOW.

Please excuse the HIDDY lighting.  I'm just starting out with my fancy camera and it's gotten so cloudy that I was lucky to get these in.  It's super short and I would hope the wearer would pair this up with tights and a pair or flats or ankle booties :)  She'll have legs for DAYS!  Think Twiggy and Cher from Clueless combined!  

 The fabric is a navy plaid with maroon and green accents that are quite subtle.  I left the selvage edge  because it doesn't fray and I think it adds a nice charm to something so neat and clean.  The belt is detachable and it can be slipped on really easily.  I just wanted to practice my sewing and made this dress in a couple of hours.

I little sketch I made when I was planning out the dress hours ago.  I love how long her legs look (well I drew them that way so hurr durrrrr)  I'm planning on having a 60's themed photo shoot with a friend modeling it.

I think it looks really gorgeous in natural light.  I miss simple, Classic pieces rather than those sheer blouses and blog shop dresses that have become fast fashion and girls end up reselling them or throwing them away :/  Maybe it's the hoarder in me but, clothes should be an investment and not a way to keep up with others so you can fit in.  Find the best quality, not quantity.  Nothing is more stylish than a piece that has you written all over and is classic.  I'm not the most fashionable person, but I can see it when someone just puts something on just because they think it's the new 'it/in' thing.  Excuse the preaching, but I really abhor people becoming Lemmings.  (Apparently, mass suicide among these rodents are a myth Disney created, creepy!)

I've recently had an exciting opportunity come up and I have to postpone my personal projects and focus on a new project :)  I'll fill you guys in once stuff starts to get get finalized.  I can't wait to share with you guys :)

Any comments, suggestions, refutations against my stance on fast fashion, therefore labeling yourself as a lemming? Leave me a comment.  I'd love to hear from you!


  1. Lovely dress Jason! I sort of wonder how the sleeves would fit though...but I do love the pleats. I do agree that girls seem to be going with the flow of fashion just to fit in and the "new look" to wear, but everyone just looks: the same! Those sheer blouses are questionable sometimes -__-" because they are synthetic fabrics and not breathable! I am guilty of owning a few. I am looking for more cotton now.

    I go for quality too and I ideally look for pieces that will become classics or timeless. Especially when it comes to patterns. Plaid is classic and timeless! I never stuck around to wear them, but now you make me want to have at least one outfit.

    This is Tracy by the way, lol! ;P I have an LJ account so, thought I comment! Great job! Looking forward for more updates :)

    1. Thanks Tracy! :) Hhaha whoever tries it on hopefully has flexible arms, but with a few minor adjustments It can be fixed :) I didn't notice that till you pointed that out hahaha. It's ok to have one sheer garment, it's just that they feel so scratchy hahaha I wonder how girls can wear them :o.

      Thank goodness for that! There is still hope in the world :)

      I love your name for your LJ btw hahaha

  2. Haha, I agree, they can be itchy!

    Aw, thank you! I've had the sn for a long time. It's my pen name for my personal blogging and story writing. Not as catchy as yours! lol

    Some people think the meaning involves alcohol -__-"...But it's one of my characters names and I just added "Popping."

    1. HAHAHA I thought the popping henny was funny haha I now know.

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