Friday, November 2, 2012

No Bake Oreo Cheese Cake

I recently went shopping at Daiso (Japanese Dollar store) and  went nuts when I saw heart shaped pans for baking :)   I'm a sucker for anything heart shaped and food tastes so much better when it's prettier.  I like to pretend I'm an Aztec God feasting on the hearts of sacrifices.....what? At least I pretend without the help of bath salts, but I digress.

I decided that Oreo cheesecakes at local Coffee Shops are SOOOOOOO not worth the price.  It's just Oreos and cream cheese having a party on a cookie crust.  it's not even baked!  ugh It bugs me when I see people buy things they can make for less than half the price.  Besides, I doubt Starbucks makes metaphors about Heart-eating Aztec Gods so home made is an added bonus.

I didn't follow a recipe, I just remember a friend's mom making it and it just stuck because it's ridiculously easy.

You need

A box of Oreos *or the bootleg kind, I really love the ones from Safeway because they have penguins with bow-ties on the cookie*

*Safeway is an American Grocery store*

1 package of Cream Cheese (8oz. package)

1 packet of unflavored gelatin

1 cup of white sugar

1 tsp of Milk

Melted Butter

Oreos here are slightly different from ones in the U.S.  I'm living in Manila, but these are from Indonesia :o.  That's crazy yo!  Sometimes I crave for "Biskuit Sandwich Coklat" from time to time.

These Indonesian Oreos are smaller and look more brown :o  The cream has a more milky taste and these were easier to open.  There was a smaller amount of cream in this one too! :(

Separate the cookie from the cream and CRUSH them!  Mix with melted butter and press onto a pan.  It looks like soil, but this soil causes diabetes.

TA-DAH!  Compressed the crust.  I forgot this wasn't a spring form pan so yeah, fail on my part, but it looks cute :3  You can give it to a special person.....or just hoard it to yourself and huddle in a dark corner.

For the filling, just put in softened Cream Cheese with the milk and sugar.  For the gelatin, follow the manufacturer's instructions and dump it in as well.  I started to fork the cheese and It looked like it was screaming.  I just put a face on it and made it go "ah yah"!

What it looks like when you add everything in the bowl.  I think I ate like a third of the mixture.  

Fill this up!  
Through Sailor Moon like magic, It chilled really quickly.

Flip the pan over a plate and pray it comes out.  I forgot to add, just pace the mold in warm water and make sure it's submerged halfway, then flip it over.  It came out but the crumbs started to fall out, whoops.  I should have put more butter but oh well, less calories I think :0  My brother was drooling over this and I let them take the first bite hahaha.

It tasted FUCKING delicious.  This took about 6 hours to make, but less than 20 to finish.  Oh the cruel Irony T-T  This is really easy to make!  No baking required, unless you like to "bake" at the same time to stimulate appetite, then by all means "bake".  

I'm might post about my heart shaped eggs for a mini post.

Have any suggestions/comments/concerns?  Feel to e-mail me or comment down below, I don't bite, unless you're made out of Oreo Cheesecake or an Aztec God that eats hearts.

What food would you like to see me make?  I'm up for a challenge :)




    Fuck my life. I always end up getting broke over Starbucks and Noriter's Oreo cheese cakes >:(

    1. I know! Now we can make it!!!!!!! MUAHAHAHAH I'll still buy though, I can't make Donuts like Starbucks!

      Girl make it for yo man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Why are you buying donuts at Starbucks? that's more ridiculous than buying coffee at starbucks. Don't do it bro, don't do it.

    :p but this looks delicious, and now I want cookies. But Diet...of not too many sweet things, and ugh. losing weight is hard :(

  3. Donuts in the Philippines are MONSTEROUSLY SWEET. :( The ones at Starbucks are normal and taste great with an Americano! :)))

  4. Just found your blog & I'm in love<3
    You bake, cook, make KIMCHI! & you design clothing~

    Marry me?




    1. Thanks for reading :) I appreciate the lovely comment :) I like your blog too! :))

  5. how many butter to use in this recipe? thanks a lot :D

    1. It really depends on how big your pan is. the pan I have is about 5 inches and pretty deep. I'm sure 1/4 cups should be plenty. If it's not combining, you should keep adding a tablespoon of melted butter and mixing until it's you're desired consistency :D Thanks for reading! Let me know how it turns out :D