Thursday, April 5, 2012

Holy Week... like a lame version of spring break here.  I just turned 21 today and I don't feel any different.  Not an epic post for the first one but You have to start somewhere.  I had a birthday dinner that I wasn't expecting yesterday.  I was going to slouch about and do nothing maybe even do a little work.

We went to Shakeys pizza (I thought It only existed in south park wtf?)  Good ass chicken Ugh I want more. As usual I over ate.  Went to the local lesbian watering hole for school.  I wish we drank somewhere else.  Place had no air conditioning and it was filled with boring people.  Plus we turned in early.  I wasn't feeling my birthday this year or the year before that.  It always ends up being controlled by someone else so yeah

Stray cat that wandered into the mall when we were waiting in line.  

Limited menu at place my older brother was DYING to go to -__-

They bought soup and eggs and I have no idea why they posed with eggs.  Boys will be boys I guess.


  1. aww man, don't let people walk over you chicky! you deserve better, even if its your brother. hehe. happy belated birthday anyway! ^^ xxx

    1. Thank you :)) I'm surprised someone read this :o